Handy Windows Shortcuts

Here are some windows shortcut keys I find useful in working with Windows 7.

When you need to walk away from my PC, I press Windows + L to lock the screen.

When I need to access my desktop, instead of minimizing each windows one at a time, I use Windows + D to show the desktop and minimize all open windows.

When I need to minimize the current window while typing on the keyboard, I press Windows + down arrow instead of reaching for the mouse to minimize the window, And if the window is in maximized mode, it goes to regular mode and I have to press Windows + down arrow again to minimize the window.

To quickly maximize the current window, instead of using the mouse, I use Windows + Up arrow and I will have a maximzed window. I also sometime drag the window to hit the top of the screen, or just click maximize.

When I need to compare two documents, I either drag the window to hit the left or the right of the screen. If my hand is already on the keyboard, I hit Windows + left arrow to resize and reposition the window to the left half of the screen and I press Windows + right arrow to resize and reposition the other window to the right half of the screen.

Of course, I use Alt+Tab a lot to change to different windows. I have used this since Windows 3.0 days and its still around.

To bring the Task Manager, I press Ctr+Shift+ESC instead of pressing instead of pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del

And with an external monitor in the office, or when using the projector for presentation, nothing beats pressing Windows+P to select the display setting to either use only the laptop display, use only the projector or external monitor as the display, clone both or extend the display. Of course with HP Elitebook we use, it has Intel Graphics and there’s a menu to help us with that by right clicking on the desktop and going for the Graphics options, but this is not available on other display cards. so windows+P is still best.

When using dual display and configuring the external monitor as extended display, we can drag a window to the other display. But if you hands is already on the keyboard, pressing Windows+Shift+Left arrow key or Windows+shift+Right arrow key will move the window to the other monitor in less than a second.

When doing presentation, have you seen them suddenly maximize that particular area of the screen? Makes you wonder is that a feature of the presentation software or the projector? Actually, with Windows 7, you can point your mouse the area you want to maximize, then press the Windows+plus key to zoom in to that particular area and press Windows+minus key to zoom back out. Quite nice and handy when doing a presentation.

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