Mobile Email and Exchange 2010

I attend the seminar by PCCW Mobile yesterday afternoon about upgrading Exchange 2010 which focus on how mobile email is shaping up in HK.

Before joining this seminar, I though there was less incentive to learn the new feature in Exchange 2010 as it is said that Exchange 2010 should have been Exchange 2007 R2. And with cloud based email offering, especially the hosted exchange that crops up with so mane different vendor to choose from at a very attractive prices, enterprises will slowly move to that model and finding work with our Exchange skill will become more and more difficult.

Makes me think again and I think I should revisit what’s new with Exchange 2010 when I have some free time. What I liked is the idea of RAID less high availability afforded by the new architecture offered by Exchange 2010. Gone are the requirements of share storage for clustering (READ: Expensive SAN storage) and you can even use JBOD (Just a bunch of Disk, no RAID configuration) because the mailbox server are replicated real time. Mailbox server can be brought offline without noticeable downtime for the mail user! Looks like a dream even with the Exchange 2007 we have. Just imagine the havoc of loosing one of those mailstore!

I definitely need to add this to my “MUST READ” list… good night for now…got to sleep, have work early tomorrow!

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