Preparing the Router for SDM

I plan to use SDM on my router. And in order to do this, I need to have some local account in the router and I need to enable http and secure http server on the router. I also need a Java Runtime on my PC to access the SDM.

Before the fun can begin, we need to make sure the router is ready for SDM. If not, we need to download SDM from Cisco’s website and either install it on our PC, upload it to the router, or both. Once this is done, we can start witht the fun.

Step 1.
We need to create local account on the router.

user demch_admin privilege 15 secret <mysuperpassword>
user demch_user password 0 <myuserpassword>

Step 2.
We need to activate http or secure http server. In our case, we’ll use both.

ip http server
ip http secure-server

Step 3.
We need to let the http servers use the local account we created.

ip http authentication local

That’s it. The router should be ready to be accessed via SDM. In the coming day, when I have some free time, I’ll update this post and add some pictures to make it look nicer! 🙂

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