Anti Software Keylogger

Most of us know that Anti-malware programs usually detects keyloggers  and will disable or remove it from your PC.  However, for new keyloggers that are not in the signature file of the anti-malware application, it will not be detected and exposed us to risk leaking sensitive data such as our online banking password!

Today I came across a free software from QFX Software which has a free KeyScrambler Personal Edition you can download for free.  It claims to works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It scrambles the character you typed on the keyboard and descramble it on the application layer, which I think is a good protection for online banking or passwords.  However, this is not perfect as this will only work for software keyloggers and will not protect you from hardware keylogger.  However, I am not concern of hardware keylogger as I do not expect somebody is going to plug in a hardware keylogger on my laptop or PC!  However, software keylogger is a real threat which could get install while downloading software from the Internet.

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