Hitachi Information Forum 2010 Hong Kong

I attend the Hitachi Information Forum 2010 at JW Marriott yesterday. As this year is Hitachi’s 100 Years anniversary, one of the presenter was Mr. Toshio Nakano, the General Manager, Global Business Operation, Disk Array Division at Hitachi Ltd.

He described there how Hitachi started out from developing and selling 5hp motors to the present where in Hitachi is in most high tech products, which includes high speed trains, Information Technology, and much much more.

The then described the latest evolution in storage systems. How the HDS Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) differs and faster than the cometition and even the older generation of HDS’s own USP and USP-V.

Another presenter I quite find entertaining in their presentation is Edward Joe, the Regional Manager for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau for Brocade Communication. He has his style of telling you how Broade switches are in the networks in Hong Kong. How they are very significant from the TV boradcasting networks, the banking network and even in the government networks here in Hong Kong and in Asia Pacific.

Falconstor VP Eric Chen also presented how Falconstor help enterprises solve their backup by using Falconstor advanced Virtual Tape Library with Data Deduplication.

It truly was an energy pack day. Really looking forward to join their event next year.

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