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Are you using your exchange email on your iPhone? If so, your exchange server supports Outlook Anywhere. This means you can access your email in Outlook anywhere you have an Internet access. What? You need to VPN first to access your email? You might just need to make some minor configuration changes to your outlook account settings to enjoy the convenience of accessing your email without the need to VPN back to the corporate network! If it didn’t work, your Windows XP might be less than SP2. And you should update your XP to SP2 or later, we’re on SP3 (Yes, we do have some laptops running XP and in the process of moving to Windows 7 … hopefully soon!)

Here’s a step by step guide to enable Outlook Anywhere access in MS Outlook.

  1. In your MS Outlook, go to Tools, and Account Settings...
  2. Double click your account or choose your account and clich Changes...
  3. Click the More Settings... Button
  4. Go to the Connection tab and under Outlook Anywhere, make sure the checkbox Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP is checked. Then click on the Exchange Proxy Settings button. If you do not see these option, your XP is not patched to SP2 or later. Have it patch or contact your admin for help
  5. Enter the connection setting given by your administrator as shown. Most likely, it will be something like owa.yourdomain.com and also input msstd:owa.yourdomain.com for the proxy server. Make sure Connect using SSL is checked and choose the proxy authentication given by your admin.

Click your way out of the dialog boxes to complete. Enjoy Outlook when you travel without the need to login to VPN.

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